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 one friend returned to austria.
  This is a commercial film that used the flash animation. 
  "Device" a six-minute film
Mr.mikimaro haraguchi is famous as the carver of light.
At the same time Mr.haraguchi is also the master of my hammering.
He is managing the gallery and the cafe with Madam in the old folk house in Saitama Japan.
The name of the beautiful place is cafe maro.
In 2009, I became a student of the welding engineering-technologies school. (because the welding was longed-for technology for me)

Eight men with various background gathered for one class.

Six months later , seven of us graduated from that school
except one dropout.

After graduation ceremony, I praised our good fight and
presented this video to classmate.

let's ride on my fixed gear bike and cruise the night of Tokyo.

run through facing Tokyo Tower from the Roppongi crossing
This is a video we made for welding qualification test
in Japan.

Location is Tokyo Metropolitan joto vocational
skills Development Center in tokyo japan.

3 min short version.
Yokohama Kustom Paint Festival 2009 was the new attempt where Japanese artists of pinstriping gets together in all. "Ken the flattop" who is my pinstriping teacher organized this festival.

night cruise tokyo."shibuya"

This is just the other side of Shibuya station.

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